Saturday, 1 October 2016


Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the change we’ve been waiting for- President Barack Obama

Change always comes bearing gifts”- Price Pritchett. Change is part of life. It is part of man but the ideology about change is quite difference from the reality of what is the true meaning of change. No human being wants to remain in a place while time goes by, development and improvement enable individual to move ahead as earth revolves- Abdulkareem Suleman. It is an undoubtedly fact to say that change always brings us pain, discomfort, complaint, sometimes tears, sometimes shares our bloods. This is because it removes something from the inside of us that we did not prepare, and replaces with something new and different we did not expect either. But then, this change in the long run brings us joy, comfort, dynamism, gain, honor, progress, promotion, and many good things. It could also bring us regret, pains, unhappiness, tears and negative consequences if we allow the negative change to visit us. Change is permanent, so they said. Almost every human being believes change is permanent but don’t be confused to hear that the permanency of change in itself is dynamism and that the only thing permanent is death. Change is constant and continuous over time. Change in my definition is a force of dynamism or regression. As you progress in the course of reading this chapter we shall look at the type of change and its level.

Change is a natural force responsible for the increase or decrease capability in the live of any organism. Change can either be appreciating or depreciating. If the change grows positively in terms of value, productivity, improvement, and creativity, we say it is a positive change. A negative change has to do with depreciation loses, regression, decrease in its original value and declining in earning ability, as well as the lack of happiness. 

Change is the only unforeseen force that displaces an organism from his original position. This position could be dynamic or regressive. One thing we should know about change is that it is a force that is determined and controlled by the organism, spiritual forces, events or circumstances, and time.

1.           NATURAL CHANGE: Natural change is determined by the environment where we found ourselves, situations and events round about us, the church, and even our cultures. This type of change is so powerful that if not properly controlled could control and determine the extent of our changes. This natural change influences the way we think, reason, our perceptions, as well as our personality. Youths who allow the natural change to control them determine their fate by chance or probability. This type of persons could be victims of accident, victim of circumstances. Sometime, they can be victim of success by chance. If you asked them how comes that you made it? You hear them telling you, I do not know how it happens or still, they could attribute such success or circumstances to natural forces. Some believe they were born to succeed, even if they don’t do it they will still succeed. Others believe they have little or no controlled over circumstances happening to them. These categories of youths are like leaves on top of a river tossed about by every wind and waves.

2.           PERSONAL CHANGE: This type of change is specifically determined by the youth himself. These set of youths make Deut. 30:15 their watch words, “I have set before you this day life and death”. So it is all about their personally decision plus God’s intervention. This involves the individual making decision and backing such decision with actions. Here, the individual refused to be controlled by unforeseen forces of natural change. It is important to state that personal change occurs as a result of the individual mind set, his mentality and the level of his exposure to circumstances. Personal change is part of the mandate that God has given us the power to make decisions that affects our well being. Here, you make plans and how you can executive them. These sets of people fail but never allow failure to paralyze them, rather they live their lives doing what they know how to do the best they can. 

These set of youths have visions and will not let this visions die. These set of youths are the one who say to themselves like Brother Job: “I know my Redeemer lives”; or like Paul: “I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me”, come rain, come sun, I will never call it a quit. They will declare to themselves “God has made me for his purpose- Isaiah 43:6-7, I shall not fail.” Unlike those who usually confess negatively saying “that is how God wants it, there is nothing I can do about it”. These kinds of statements are lies from the pit of hell. Who said God wants it that way? Wake up and be the real person God programmed you to be.


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